5 Paris monuments you have to see before you die

There are two types of holiday destinations: forgettable ones and Paris. The French capital is one of the top three most visited places in the past two centuries. Its impressing collection of historical landmarks, escorts and entertainment opportunities attracts visitors from every corner of the world.

Among the most visited places in Paris are its mind-blowing monuments. You surely must have seen some of them in movies or photographs, but nothing compares to seeing them up close and personal. Here are the 5 Parisian masterpieces that you have to see before you die:

The Eiffel Tower

You cannot open a travel guide of France without seeing the Eiffel Tower among its first and foremost attractions. This 1889 construction still leaves visitors in awe, even if more than 250 million people have already visited it.

From the top of the Eiffel Tower you can take some of the sexiest selfies of you and your escort Paris. With the entire citadel in the background and the nearby Seine River crossing the old city, you can capture an amazing photograph that will make your friends back home die of envy.

Arc de Triomphe

This impressive marble mastodon is the epitome of French engineering. It is placed at the center of the Place du General Charles de Gaulle where it is the meeting point of no less than 12 avenues. The best views of the Arc de Triomphe are available from the nearby Place de la Concorde and the Esplanade de la Defense.

If you get the chance to visit the French capital, do not miss this gorgeous monument that resembles the country’s resilience in front of endless wars and battles. Get some sexy local escorts to accompany you on your tour and marvel in the architectural beauty of the Arc de Triomphe.

Palais du Louvre

A trip to Paris would not be complete without visiting the Palais du Louvre, which hosts the largest museum in the world. What was once the residence of the French King, is today the host of millions of tourists that come to admire unique art masterpieces and architectural wonders

The Louvre Museum is also the keeper of one of the most famous paintings in the world – Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Although it won’t be easy to get a clear view of the painting due to the hordes of tourists that assault it every day, your escort Paris will surely appreciate being in the same room with one of humanity’s most recognizable masterpieces.

The Notre Dame Cathedral

The jewel of Parisian architecture is located on the banks of the Seine, and attracts visitors with its impressive Gothic architecture. The Notre Dame Cathedral has been the subject of famous novels, movies and remarkable stories. A climb to the top of the gargoyle-laden South Tower is highly recommended by French escorts and history buffs.


Last, but not least, if you want to get another marvelous view of the French capital, you can hike to the Byzantine-style church of Sacré-Coeur. This place is the ideal place to end a busy day of sightseeing for you and your escort Paris. As the sun sets over the city, you can admire the nearby streets of Montmartre and the old Jewish quarters.